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Valentines Tips from Richard Merand

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Whether you are French like me or English like my lovely wife Dominique, Valentine’s Day is all about romance and expressing your love to those you cherish most. By putting forth a little effort and some planning, you’ll not only create a very special day, but you’ll create a day that will be memorable. To get you started, I have put together a list of the ten most important tips for planning that perfect day. (along with the help of my wife, Dominique!)

My 10 Top Tips for Planning the Perfect Valentines Day!

10. Plan a Special Outing or Create a Romantic Setting at Home 
Dress up and go out on the town for dinner (maybe at the Red Lion), but be certain to make dinner reservations well in advance. Make it an adventure! Contact your florist and have a bouquet of flowers waiting at your table. Flowers can be delivered in advance of your reservation so they will be awaiting your arrival, but don’t wait until the last minute to order them.If you plan an intimate evening at home, clean up the clutter and decorate! Candles, rose petals and romantic music. Create a romantic norgescsino blackjack playlist in advance. Cater dinner or cook it together and dress up for dinner! Pick out a favourite wine or champagne. Try serving dessert first! Watch a romantic movie or dance in the living room, bedroom or kitchen!

9. Build It Up! Anticipation is the purest form of pleasure! 
Let that special someone know you have big plans but keep them in suspense! Drop innuendos! Call them at work a few times during the day! Leave “sweet nothing” notes around the house and in the car; or any other place you can think of. Text or email them; or better yet, both! Leave them a voice mail. LET THEM KNOW THEY ARE ON YOUR MIND!

8. Surprise them! Everyone loves surprises on special occasions! 
Surprise them with a gift selected especially for them! Pick the gift out yourself. Don’t have someone do it for you. Maybe it’s their favourite perfume or cologne or bottle of wine. Maybe it’s jewellery or a trip to the spa. Or maybe you offer to do chores for the week; perhaps a chore they cannot stand to do.

7. Do An Activity You Both Love! 
Valentine’s Day is Friday this year! Take the day off and spend it together! Make it a 3 day weekend! Plan a trip for the weekend! Go out of town or maybe you book a room or suite at a local hotel or bed and breakfast! If you stay at home, do some activities TOGETHER, like walking the Hunningham Circular! Find something cultural that’s going on around you and go for it!

6. Write a Love Letter… a Poem… or even a Song! 
Well I don’t write songs but it’s worth a try. Tell that special someone what they really mean to you. Put it in your own handwriting rather than typing it out. Put some real thought into it. Men and women both want to be told how special they really are. Something written down can be cherished for many years to come. Consider this…maybe it really is the last time you get to write, so make it count.

5. Plan, Plan, Plan! Put Some Effort into It! 
Don’t wait until the last minute to make those dinner reservations. Click here and book them now for the Red Lion. Don’t settle for the 2nd choice. Don’t wait to buy your flowers or gifts on the big day to find out his/her special flower or cologne/perfume is sold out. If you want flowers delivered timely to the work place, restaurant or home, place your order in advance. If you have a great idea, act on it…don’t sit on it! If you wait and can’t pull it off then all it is, is an idea…and it’s no longer even a great idea…because you didn’t allow enough time to pull it off.

4. It’s the Small Gestures That Count! 
They don’t go unnoticed! Offer to help out with the chores; open doors; listen intently when spoken to; pay compliments; take care of a pressing matter that has needed some attention; fix or replace something broken; serve breakfast in bed; take the dog to the groomer; give a massage; draw a bath; have their vehicle serviced.

3. Shower them with flowers, balloons, stuffed animals, chocolates or candies
How important is it to send flowers? It is well known the positive emotional effect of flowers! Send flowers to the workplace as you want your loved one to enjoy them all day & you want coworkers to be green with envy. Place your order in advance so your florist has sufficient time to accommodate your request for an early delivery.

2. Start the Day Special and End the Day Special! 
Make this Valentine’s Day one you’ll both cherish and remember from the start of the day until your head hits the pillow that night. You’re both worth it!

1. Quality Time Together

Need I say more?!

Happy Valentine’s Day from Richard and Dominique

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