Raise £10,000 to Help Andy

Raise £10,000 to Help Andy

Richard MerandNews, Warwickshire

As you all know, community is at the Heart of The Red Lion Hunningham. Well done to Allie and David Miles who have put together the Just Giving page to support Andy. We are fully behind them and would encourage everyone to donate what ever they can afford for such an amazing cause.

Here is some more information and the link to donate!

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Lets give our right arm too.

Reaching out to our beloved community to donate as much support as we can to help one of our own.

Andy ‘log’ Webster, a loveable and inimitable character known by so many, he is one of a kind, a real trooper to the core. Working all hours and weathers to help others in need he has now quite literally given his right arm for the cause.

Just days ago whilst bailing he tragically suffered a harrowing farming accident, a gut wrenching ordeal with machinery tore his arm away. Being so badly injured, and despite several hours of surgery, the arm could not be saved & he now faces life as an amputee.

Yet the blessing we are all thankful for is how incredibly lucky he is to have survived with his life. With stalwart character, keen to return to work as soon as possible, never accepting defeat no matter what life throws at him, even under these unimaginable circumstances to have found inner strength to just get on with it as he always does is truly inspirational. So lets step up & join together to make a difference, combine our joined hands of friendship in his hour of need, lets do all we can to help him deal with this debilitating & life changing disability.

Whilst he focuses on recovery and rehabilitation from what has become a full amputation of his right arm & it is hard to imagine how this will continue to impact on him emotionally and physically, however we can all help practically in some way to alleviate pressure & worry of keeping his life together.

Whatever donation you can offer will benefit both Andy & Ange through this difficult time of adjustment. We should take a moment to give thanks for our own blessings and find in our hearts the empathy for others in greater need, this is the collective power we can use to raise awareness for his wellbeing in hope to give him the security he may need now and for the future.

Please share the link everywhere and lets reach the ambitious total for the best that prosthetics can offer.

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