Planning Permission Approved

Planning Permission Approved

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Following recent Government Coronavirus updates and advice, a wave of cancelled bookings have swept through the country to pubs and restaurants far and wide.

Unlike with previous lockdowns, the government have offered zero support to businesses like The Red Lion Hunningham who were just on the cusp of recovering from last year.

Earlier in the year The Red Lion went to a large expense to protect customers in line with the coronavirus social distancing rules and renting a heated marquee, but over the past week, the bookings for Christmas Parties and Dinners have been cancelled due to the fear that has been caused in by Boris and his team that are doing a fantastic job, of destroying the economy if nothing else.

The morning advertiser reported 2500 pubs throughout the UK we lost in 2020 and it’s terrifying to think of what those numbers will be for 2021!

When it comes to safety, The Red Lion Hunningham has reported 0 Covid cases since the beginning of the pandemic.

We admit that there is no planning permission approved for the demolishment of the pub… YET, but the unfortunate truth is that “if you don’t use it you will lose it” so we urging people to use the local pubs and restaurants or they WILL all be gone by next summer.

Please start using your local pubs and restaurants! Without a Christmas Miracle, many of us won’t survive through the Winter…

If you would like to book in for a Christmas Party or Dinner at The Red Lion Hunningham (we are open until the 24th of December) we would really appreciate your trade and support to get through what is undoubtedly going to be another very tough time for our industry.

You can book by giving us a call on01926 632715 or using our online booking form here.

Merry Christmas to you all from,

Richard and The Red Lion Hunningham Family!