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August 2022 Newsletter | Red Lion

Richard MerandNews

“There is nothing permanent except change,” professed Heraclitus (Ancient Greek Philosopher). At the Red Lion, we often prove Heraclitus right and have done during this month especially. We’ve seen our framework updated and plenty of new and exciting infrastructure added, innovating our classic pub feel and propelling us into the future. The end of summer is upon us and the kids are going back to school, but lingering warm temperatures still make our garden an attractive visit. Autumn is fast approaching, so come on down and make the most of the remaining warm temperatures- before they inevitably change!

In times such as now, where the cost-of-living crisis has greatly impacted the hospitality industry, all establishments are competing ambitiously for customers. We’ve identified that the area in which we find ourselves situated is a hotspot for cyclists. Knowing this, many favours have been called in from the skilled tradesmen of the local area (many of whom are regulars of the pub) to help erect a series of bicycle stands. The Red Lion, now more than ever, is the best place in the area to stop off on a bike ride for a drink and a delicious pub lunch.

In 2021, the UK had the 2nd highest electric car sales in Europe. There are 1.8 million electric vehicles in the UK- and sales are only predicted to increase, 17% of residents plan to buy an EV within the next 12 months and 69% would purchase an EV if money were no object. With diesel and petrol car sales decreasing and electric car sales shooting up, vehicle demand is going in a clear direction. We are always looking to be an alluring prospect for consumers and we see the electric revolution is upon us. We have had electric vehicle charging points installed to satisfy the demand and become part of the revolution. If all vehicles in this country were electric, 1.73 billion tonnes of co2 emissions would be saved over those vehicles’ lifetimes. That is a prospect that excites us here, as we all look to become more environmentally responsible.

Finally, a few of our wonderful chefs are departing soon and we’d like to thank them for their hard work over their tenures here and wish them the best of luck for the future. With changes comes opportunity/ when one door closes, another opens – and you have the opportunity to join our kitchen team. We are looking for someone with experience as a chef, commis chef, chef de partie or sous chef. If this interests you: please contact us here on our website, via our social media or just pop in for a chat!

We hope everyone has had a wonderful summer and look forward to seeing you all in the autumn!

Written by Michael Thomas


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