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Eat for FREE as a Community Lion

Are you interested in getting a free meal from The Red Lion Hunningham? Well here is how you do it!

Unfortunately, here at The Red Lion Hunningham we are unable to offer delivery of hot food……. but we have a loophole!

Are you connected with your community via Whatsapp Groups, Facebook Groups or Even the Houseparty App?

Well here is how to become a Community Lion!

Get speaking to your community, for some people it is difficult to get to the shop at the minute and public transport is basically non-existent. Sometimes all we need is a nice hot meal that we havent had to slave over!

This is where you come in!

Are you able to collect and deliver meals? If the answer is YES you are half way to eating for FREE!

Are you able to get around your community and organise 10 orders? Then Collect them and drop them off for people?
If the answer is YES again, then you are getting a FREE meal on us!

When someone orders via phone just ask them to give your name as their Community Lion and when you reach 10 orders, yours is FREE! Please make sure you have organised with people a designated collection time before you collect so that you aren’t running back and forth.

So if that sounds good to you then go ahead and get stated!

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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